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Open is a Social Network like Twitter and Facebook.
   The only difference is that Open is an Open Source
Social Network

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What's Open Source ?

If you're a newbie to the Computer World,
you will have this question. Open Source
Softwares are softwares that make
their source code Public.
   Anyone can edit the source code and use it
for their purposes. The main AIM of Open Source
is to develop something with the help of all the
people in the world. Anyone who contributed
something to an Open Source project is a part of
that project.

What's the Benefit ?

Privacy problems are the most discussed
issue on this planet. Every where we go on web,
someone are tracking us. 21st Century
Social Networks are spies.
   They know the every moves we make on the web
and they use that moves to make money.
But at Open, you are the owner. You have all the
freedom. You can check out the source code,
to see if we are tracking any moves of yours.


  1. No ADS
  2. Safe Browsing
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  5. No Vulnerabilities Found
  6. Privacy Settings

How Can I contribute ?

Open is a developing social network. It will take years
for it to be perfect. If you find any flaws/errors or have
a suggestion, please report it on our Project Page.
GitHub Repository
Bug Reporter
You can Find Documentation, news, info
about Open on GitHub Wiki.

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